I have been using Aarialife’s ProMessis G for the last 4-5 years for my Sugarcane Crop (Adasali & Ratoon crop). This has actually helped considerably in increasing the cane weight. In my current crop I am also trying out their complete Sugarcane Kit and expecting 10-12% rise in my yield.

- Shrirang Alhat, Pune, Maharashtra.
Crop: Sugarcane

Being an Agri graduate, I am very well aware of the harmful effects of chemicals in my farm. Hence I wanted to use organic products for my crops and had tried out ProMessis A & Humic 98 for Onion in one acre, last year. I was very happy with the yield increase and quality of my produce. This year I am using all their products in my whole 6 acres of land.

- Dnyaneshwar Patil, Ahmednagar, Maharasthtra
Crop : Onion

As compared to Single strain products, Aarialife’s consortia product – ProMessis G which offers a combination of  Glucanoacetobactor, KMB & PSM gave me extremely good results.

- Mr. Waghole, Maval, Pune
Crop: Sugarcane

I have been doing Cotton crop from quite some time, but this time with the use of Promessis A, I was able to reach 18 Quintal/Acre. By using this product I have got double benefit of reduction in the cost & increase in the average crop yield.

- Mr. Kiran Patil, Jalna, Maharashtra
Crop : Cotton

Aarialife’s Promessis A has helped me achieve yield of 98 Quintal/acre of Ginger crop whereas traditionally I used to struggle to get 40-50 Quintal/acre. Also their Nematocide product has helped me protect my crop from Nematodes though our region is Nematode prone.

- Mr. Naji Khasab, Jafrabad, Maharashtra
Crop: Ginger

Though I work with the Police Debt yet , I basically belong to a farmer’s family. I like experimenting with good organic products for my farm. I had once bought ProMessis G from an exhibition and we observed a good rise in cane yield. Since then, we are a regular user of Aarialife Products. ProTectum, has been very effective with White grubs in my field. I am able to protect my farm from white grub infestation, though it is there in surrounding farms.

- Mr. Shinde, Shikrapur, Maharashtra
Crop : Sugarcane