We at Aarialife have come together to churn out efficient solutions for sustainable agriculture.

Our focus is on providing concepts, technologies and products in the field of agriculture and allied sectors. All our inputs and technologies are designed to offer better applicability and easier implementation in all different kinds of terrains and diverse regions.

We work towards driving conventional crop cultivation to a more residue free and organic farming, which in turn helps us in rebuilding and re-strengthening our ecology.

Central to our company policy is our aim of sourcing all our raw materials from nature which helps all our products to blend beautifully with nature and makes our technologies eco friendly.

Mission & Vision

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Through our explorations in the world of science, provide solutions towards promoting sustainable agriculture.

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To be a global player in developing and providing technologies and products applicable in Agricultural and allied sectors.

Management Team

vinay nair
Vinay Nair

Managing Director

A Harvard Alumni, Vinay brings with him a 20+ years of business management experience predominately in the technology sector. He has been one of the first technocrats to introduce Cloud business applications in India, and successfully led a global IT enterprise for 15 years before taking charge of Aarialife. His experience of working with various sectors has helped in conceptualising Aarialife’s strategies and laying the foundation for its growth towards being a leading social enterprise. He specialises in recommending and implementing the right technology to resolve business problems and at Aarialife, Vinay focuses on bringing in his strategic inputs as well as introducing new technologies and concepts which will help farmers establish efficient and sustainable farming practices.

Richa nair
Dr. Richa Pawar-Nair


With a 15+ experience in the field of Science and Agriculture, Richa is a DAAD scholar and has been working on different aspects of Agriculture. Apart from developing innovative Biofertilizers and Biopesticide products she has helmed many projects on Organic farming, algal cultivation and Hydroponic agriculture. Her research includes work on Microbial Fermentation, Protein Biochemistry, Algal Antioxidant Pigments and Single Cell Proteins. Richa leads the R&D initiatives at Aarialife and is responsible for Innovation pipeline which Aarialife possesses today. She also drives a talented result oriented team which is dedicated on bringing the organic sustainable solutions and products to the grower enabling him to a better brighter future.