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Quantity : 1Ltr / 1 KG
Type : Biopesticide
Content : Three different type of entomopathogenic fungus
Recommended for:
ProTectum is a mix of potent entomopathogenic fungal species, which play an important role in pest management. It helps the plant shield itself from the attacking pests leading to optimum yield and better quality product
Application : Foliar application/Drenching
Dosage : 2-3 ml/L or 2-3gm/L of water for Foliar application, 1L/acre or 1kg/acre for Drenching
Benefits -

  • Protects crops/plants from wide range of insects and pests like aphids, thrips and mealy bug.
  • Promotes healthy growth of the crop plant
  • Helps in increasing the yield of the agricultural produce
  • Not just Eco-safe but Eco-friendly as well!

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