aaria bio life

ProMessis R


Quantity – 1 Ltr / 1 KG
Type – Liquid Biofertilizer for nodulating crops
Content – Consortium of NPK releasing GRAS (Generally regarding as safe) soil microbes
Recommended For
Soyabean, Groundnut, Chick Pea, Cow-Pea, Black Gram, Green Gram, Methi, Guar, all type of cereals, pulses and beans
Application – Soil Drenching/ Through Water lines/Seed Treatment
Dosage – 1L/Acre or 1Kg/Acre & for Seed Treatment - 250ml/Acre
Benefits -

  • Improves yield and quality of the produce.
  • Boosts soil fertility
  • Augments the overrall immunity of plant system
  • Increases rate of seed germination
  • Solubilizes unavailable rock phosphate as well as fixes atmospheric Nitrogen and mobilizes Potassium thus increasing their availability

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