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ProMessis KMB (PalashPro)


Quantity – 1 Ltr / 1 KG
Type – Liquid Biofertilizer
Content – Potash Mobilizing Microorganisms
Recommended for: PalashPro plays a role in strengthening the soil and improving its quality for crop production. Thus offering a holistic solution to the agricultural system.
Application – Soil Application
Dosage – 1L/Acre or 1Kg/Acre & for Seed Treatment - 250ml/Acre
Benefits -

  • Protects plants from potash deficiency
  • Boosts soil fertility
  • Increases rate of seed germination
  • Mobilises Potash thus increasing their availability
  • As applied to seeds or roots, is directly available to the plant from the initial stages of development
  • Prevents underground water being contaminated by hazardous chemicals
  • Not just Eco-safe but Eco-friendly as well!

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